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DCIC Tech Products
Welcome to the DCIC Tech web store!

DCIC Tech is a global distributor of contamination control products. The company's distributes a wide array of products including; Optima Wipes, Adhesive Mats and Rollers.

The products are used for applications in pharmaceutical, bio-technology, semi-conductor, electronics, hospitals, food processing, nuclear, laser-optics facilities where control of microbial and fungal growth, in addition to dust, dirt and particulates is of prime importance.

DCIC Tech's extensive product distribution background and sales support experience in the clean room sector has enabled the company to be at the forefront of distributing high quality and cost efficient contamination control products for clean rooms and a variety of industrial and manufacturing uses.  

Adhesive Mats
Sticky Rollers


 Product of the Day!

36 36" x 36" Adhesive Mats

 Adhesive Mats
30 Sheets/Mat
Color Blue or White

4 Mats per Case 
$86.00 pre Case



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